Friday, May 25, 2012

Maddie #McCann : Horoscope.


The horoscope of Madeleine McCann sadly reflects her soul only too well.

One aspect alone describes poor Madeleine’s short life and that is her Sun conjunct Ceres.

This aspect “seems to embody many of the themes of the Persephone myth.

There seem to be themes of sudden great gain or loss which forces growth.

These people might find pain is involved if they have to separate from their family for any reason.

Sun conjunct Ceres can feel scarred, betrayed or tainted by some family scandal, inheritance or ancestral trait.”

What is even more haunting is that her Ceres is also conjunct her mother Kate McCann’s Moon.

They are both on the sexually aggressive, male Lilith star Capulus.

This star is very important as it falls on the arm that welded the sword that cut off  Medusa’s head.

For Madeleine this star would be describing the characteristics of her mother, then her mother actually has her moon on this star describing how she is as a mother. Unreal!

There are no interps for this star, it appears to be quite heroic, as it is the slayer of Algol “the most evil star in the heavens”. It’s constellation Perseus is “ said to give an intelligent, strong, bold and adventurous nature, but a tendency to lying” Robson pg. 56

The most stunning pattern in Madeleines chart is that Lilith/Mars/Jupiter T- square to the Lilith /Mercury conjunction.

 I note Mercury is conjunct fixed star Menkar.

This is interesting as this is the main star in Cetus the sea monster, sent to devour Andromeda by her father in order to save his kingdom.

This star is said to also cause danger of suffocation.

I think in particular with Mercury (which governs the voice) this is like Madeleine being gagged and being told to shut up constantly.

Now her body cannot even speak and tell us how she died since we cannot find it. I believe it could be in the sea because of the sea monster connection.

Furthermore Menkar connects us to Perseus also as he was Andromedas rescuer sent to slay Cetus.

It’s spooky Kate is tied to her daughter through the constellation Perseus, because whether her Moon is on Algol or Capulus, her Moon is certainly in this constellation.

She could either be the Gorgon slayer or the Gorgon.

If only we knew Kate’s time for sure!

UPDATE! We now have Madeleine’s time. 6.14pm. It was given to another Astrologer privately back in 2007. I have reason to believe this time is correct.