Monday, February 20, 2012

McCanns Libel Actions Against Goucha, Sergeanto and Carvalho

16 Jun

Journalist Duarte Levy reports that the McCanns have brought a libel case against Luis Manuel Goucha, Paulo Sergeanto and Hernani Carvalho Levy informs us that “The indictment, which was presented by the couple’s lawyer in Portugal, is also aimed at the management of TVI.”

Additionally, that Sargento confirmed that he has acquired arguido status and that he stated “that he did not speak yesterday but that he intends to do so during the proceedings because he has knowledge of elements which may lead to the reopening of the inquiry related to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.” A further “curious detail” is that the “process is not under judicial secrecy”. A “Source close to Maddie’s parents confirmed the complaint and added “that other processes can still occur.”"

Madeleine McCann reconstruction

Manuel Luís Goucha is a Portuguese television producer, he was presenter of a long-lasting morning show in RTP (Praça da Alegria), followed by another in rival TVI. TVI broadcast the ‘Maddie: What lies beneath the truth‘ documentary, which is based on the book ‘Maddie, Truth of the Lie’, authored by Gonçalo Amaral; the former Polícia Judiciária coordinator who investigated the disappearance of Madeleine.

Paulo Sargento is a Forensic Psychologist, he has expressed his thoughts on the McCann case a number of times over the last four years. For example, in partnership with technological engineer Pedro Gamito, he produced a 3D video where three photo-fits of Madeleine’s presumed abductor are juxtaposed and worked through 20 programs of facial analysis. Sargento contends that the results of the study demonstrate that “The kidnapping thesis is ludicrous”. A selection of articles where Sargento expresses his views can be viewed at Duarte Levy’s blog and McCann Files. Sargento also regularly uses his blog to write about aspects of the Madeleine McCann case. Essentia

The documentary reports on the investigations that were carried out by the PJ and it refers to the statements of the suspects, who were later made arguidos, the McCanns, and their friends. Amaral asserts that the investigation of Madeleine’s disappearance enabled the PJ to establish that she had died on the 3rd May 2007.
He believes that the following her death, the McCanns, with the help of others, disposed of her body and staged an abduction. The documentary can be viewed HERE in six parts via YouTube.

lly, Sargento is in agreement with the conclusions of Amaral: Madeleine McCann died in apartment 5a and the abduction was staged thereafter.

Hernâni Carvalho is a journalist. He co-authored the books ‘Maddie 129’ book‘ and ‘Maddie: neither truth nor consequence’ with journalist Luís Maia. Like many others that the McCanns wish to silence, Carvalho doubts the abduction thesis as posited by the McCanns et al. A selection of articles where Carvalho gives his opinion on the McCann case can be viewed at McCann Files and Joana Morias.

So we witness yet another silencing episode added to this sorry saga.

Just why is it that NO-ONE is allowed to examine and question the abduction thesis? Especially in light of the fact that there is no evidence of abduction.

And is this what the capital accumulated from sales of Kate McCann’s book ‘madeleine’, which gives little thought to the child itself, aside descriptive reference to her genitalia, is being frittered on?