Sunday, February 19, 2012

The REAL Madeleine McCann Story By Spudgun

Uploaded by on 26 Sep 2007
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Thank you to everyone who has posted comments. I still believe, over FOUR years after having posted this, that these and many other questions still need to be answered, irrespective of what happened in Portugal that night. I am sure the HUGE, concerted efforts by some individuals will eventually result in having this Video removed from YouTube, as they have managed to achieve this with the very same video on GOOGLE Video. This video has been the subject of a very sustained attack over the past Months, a clear, organised attempt to have it deleted. Whatever your thought's about the McCann case, I believe this has a right to exist. I feel that most of its questions are honest and valid, and can and should be posed without prejudice, and that to this day, they remain unanswered.

God bless Madeleine McCann, wherever you may be.